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CSS compressor tool is a device used to reduce css code in the blog template. The blogger makes heavy use of CSS compressor tool to optimize the speed of loading the blog. If you have not layout css code that will compress then I invite you to read the past posts that are part of the standard blogger template 2 or you can also read on how to compress css template blogger. Actually css compressor tool is a tool for my personal use, but it is possible for you, who also want to use this tool.

How to use css compressor tool is very easy, you just have to know that there are css code in your blogger template. If you already know, look at the steps I will explain the use of CSS compressor tool.

1. Css compressor tool consists of two columns, which compress css and beautify css, in each column pengompressan have different results, but the same benefits. If you use a column css beautify the outcome different than would be neat pengompressan copress css. To be more details you just try it yourself.

2. Enter the code will be compressed css, (your choice which one you want to use the column)

3. Then click compress css if you use css compressed columns, but if you use the column then click beautify beautify css css.

My suggestion that compress css code in the template you get good results, then do the compression stages. For example, css code in the body first, then proceed to the sidebar, and so on.

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